About the Author

Dr. Ndugu Khan is a student of life, metaphysics, engineering, mathematics, art, computer science and aquatics. He has received traditional degrees in the same and is also a graduate of Southern University College of Engineering, Texas Southern University College of Science and City University of Los Angeles College Doctoral Graduate program.

He has done extensive research and received recognition, licenses and degrees in the Healing Sciences of Holistic Massage, Iridology, Naturopathy, Colon Therapy, LCDC, a Reiki master, Trained in Traditional African Healing system and Oriental Medicine (OMD).  Dr. Khan is also a student of the internal (Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung), the external arts (Long Fist) and has completed certification training. The visual arts, poetry and calligraphy have also been areas of concentration for Dr. Khan.  He is the author of “The Enlightenment of the Heart,” a book about Tai Chi with poetry and photographs. Also, soon to be published are books on poetry, a manual on Massage Therapy and a research paper on mathematics.

Dr. Khan is the founder and director of “The Eclectic Program,” a holistic oriented self-help program located in Houston, Texas. He has also instituted the “Shujaa Children’s Program” which is directed towards an understanding of the deeper levels of mastery, along with the usual “external” or physical levels of achievement.

He also publishes “The Scribe Newsletter” (a tabloid dedicated to African travel, African history and culture) and “Shujaa” (an annual newsletter focusing on Africans in the martial arts).

Thank You

I give reverence to the Ancestors for allowing this project to manifest. And, may healing be the results of those who read these words.

And So Be It!

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